Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Almost Done!

With uni and assignments taking over my life at the moment, finding time to blog has been difficult. But the dress, thankfully, is almost done, and if I do say so myself, it has turned out quite nicely. The last few sewing classes I have forgotten to take the camera and so photos of the developing project are few. All I really have to do now is finish the bow and the hem.

Skirt and lining

Overlocking the lining

The skirt

The front

The back

A few things I like about the dress:
1.) All the lines match up. If you look closely where the zip is, everything is matching.
2.) I think it looks really good on.
3.) I really like the colour.
4.) It is going to be fun to wear a dress I have made myself to my sister's wedding!

Things I have learnt:
1.) How to use an invisible zip.
2.) How to use lining - I found the lining difficult to sew actually. Its slipperiness makes it a little annoying and time consuming.
3.) That it is possible to sew lining to an invisible zip after it is in. This was a great realisation, as it is MUCH faster than hand sewing, as long as no unpicking is necessary afterward.

I showed my sister (the one getting married) the dress this afternoon and got two thumbs up. So the dress is definitely a goer for the wedding. Yay :) All I have to do now is find a nice shirt to wear under it! And after the wedding I will post a picture of myself in the dress.