Sunday, July 25, 2010

Cake, Sweets and Owls!

In the last few days I have eaten soooooo much dessert. Soooo much sugar. I feel desperately guilty and I really need to go for a jog. I have come to the point where I think I could be satisfied not eating another sweet treat for a long long time, and this for me is quite surprising seeing though I love chocolate.

For Daniel's birthday we had a dessert night and everyone brought something to share. I made a banana cake, some muffins and a Mississippi mud cake. It was delicious, but by the time we sang happy birthday to Daniel everyone was so stuffed with food that hardly any of it was eaten. I will take the left over half to school where everyone else can eat it.

Daniel and his cake

We also got to taste this wonderful ice-cream cake this evening in honour of a friends birthday. It not only looked great but it tasted even better. I want an ice-cream cake for my birthday next year please.

To celebrate my friends birthday this year, I decided to make her an owl pin-cushion because I know that she does a bit of sewing and cute pin-cushions always make sewing a little more fun. I have never made a pin-cushion before, but decided it wouldn't be too hard considering I had made a few owls before. It didn't take too long to make, and for my first pin-cushion ever I am pretty happy with the outcome. Maybe next time I would make the owl a bit rounder in the would-be stomach area and I would blanket-stitch the bottom so you couldn't see it. I might also put some kind of flat weight in the bottom of it to stop it from falling over, as I can imagine that could become annoying when taking pins out of it regularly.

Here is the owl posing in different places around its owners house :)

Sunday, July 18, 2010


For Daniel's birthday this year, his parents gave him a DSLR camera. It is an older model, but so far Daniel loves it. He is continually pointing the lens at me, trying out different settings and playing around with it. This is problematic because I have never really enjoyed having my photo taken, and more often than not when Daniel points the camera at me I pull an annoying face.

Since receiving the camera on Tuesday, Daniel has already taken numerous photos and I am starting to learn how to ignore him when he points the camera at my face. I am very grateful though for all the time he spent taking photos of jars with buttons in them for this blog and for his expertise in all things technology :)

After a bit of discussion on how Daniel can practice his photography skills, we came up with the idea that after I finish making an item of clothing he could take photos of me and we could post them online. I am excited about this, as this is a project we can undertake together and have a bit of fun with. I am going to have to get over my fear of having my photo taken though.

This is a dress I made late last year for my parents 30th wedding anniversary. I made it from an old dress pattern that my Mum had been given by a friend. I really like finding great old patterns and then making them up.

This is the first photo shoot we have attempted (on our little digital camera). It was just a bit of fun after the party. Hopefully it shows the dress ok.