Monday, September 26, 2011


The latest crafty craze that my friends and I have really been getting into the last few months is card making. We have been inspired by all the super pretty cards out there and by all the Stampin' Up parties we have been attending. One great thing about Stampin' Up is the huge variety of stamps they have on offer. I just want so many, but so far I only have one set of stamps. They are just so cute and I hope to use when making cards for the arrival of babies, and for birthdays.

'Fox & Friends'

This week I had a go at making a few different cards. This first was a card for a newborn. Sadly, I didn't use my stamps. Instead, I made this...

I also attended an engagement party, so I made this pink love-heart card, which I got the idea from here.

And before the above mentioned engagement party, I also attended a housewarming party. To help warm the house, I made my friend this little card.

I really enjoyed making all these cards but I especially enjoyed using the sewing machine on the last two. It has just been so long since I have sewn anything that it felt good to sit down in front of my sewing machine again and create something, even if it was only small. I just wish I had some alphabet stamps so I could have stamped out 'home sweet home' on the housewarming card. I guess I could have written it, but I don't really like my handwriting. It's just not neat enough.

Talking about friends making cards actually, here is a link to some cards that my friend Britt made. I think they are great :).

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Not enough time!

In the last few weeks my life has been taken over with uni work. The house is a mess! The dishes aren't done, the floor isn't vacuumed, the washing isn't put away, or even in the machine for that matter. I certainty don't want visitors at the moment, and sadly, I can't go visit anyone because I have too many assignments to finish.

When Nicholas was about 8 weeks old, not going to bed until midnight some nights and still waking up twice during the night for feeds I decided that I wanted to go back to uni. In retrospect I am not sure why I decided this was a good idea and why I thought I was going to be able to cope with studying and being a mum. The first few weeks were OK, but then assignments needed to be done and I found I was running out of time. The last week has been really intense. I have spent the entire week at home trying to finish two assignments which were due on the same day. I feel like I have no life. Every moment Nicholas is asleep during the day, I am doing uni work. Even sometimes when he is awake, and this makes me feel really guilty, I have been doing uni work. And this is why I haven't been blogging much either.

I honestly didn't think having a child and doing uni was going to be as difficult as it has been. Unlike last year when I worked two jobs and studied three subjects and survived, this semester has been a real challenge. Not only is most of my spare time taken up with readings, and listening to lectures but I have this feeling that my studying is affecting the limited time I have to spend with Nicholas when he is not sleeping. I have this real desire just to spend time with Nicholas without the burden of uni work bearing down on me, and as mentioned above, I have this real sense of guilt when I can't do this. Thankfully, there are only 3 weeks, one assignment and one exam left till it's finished for the year. And I am hoping that maybe next year (I only have two units and a prac left) my Mum can look after him while I spend a day studying.

This is also one reason why I haven't been blogging much either. Just not enough time!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Retro Readers Club

I have joined a retro readers book club where we are to read 'James and the Giant Peach' by Roald Dahl. I loved Roald Dahl's books as a child. My favourite in particular was Esio Trot. I read this book so many times, and recently enjoyed reading it out loud to one of the kids I used to look after in the holidays.

This will be a great reason to procrastinate from doing uni work :).

What was your favourite Roald Dahl book?

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Spring is here :)

Another great calendar by Geninne.

Download it from here!