Friday, November 30, 2012

100th Post!

In recent months Clare's Creative Corner has been rather uncreative and unproductive. Writing this blog and being creative has taken the backseat to things like uni, a prac, a toddler, being pregnant, running a house, etc, etc. The list goes on, but as of today I am going to try and get back into the swing of it. Hopefully, with the change of seasons and the weather finally warming up this will be the inspiration I need to start being creative again and spending more time writing.

During the last few months of not writing a lot has been happening. I finished all my uni subjects, and a few weeks ago I finished my last prac. As of today, I have officially passed everything and so get to graduate in a few weeks time. I am slowly getting used to this lifestyle without study. I sometimes still get this feeling that I should be sitting down, learning something and writing assignments. It's a strange feeling, not studying, after five long years of it. I somehow feel free but also a little bit lost. I spent so long working towards finishing this degree and now that I have it, I am not in the position to go out into the workforce and use it. There is a big part of me that really wants to go out and work, while the other side knows how important it is to be at home with my kids, to watch and guide them as they grow and develop. I don't feel comfortable, at this point, leaving this to someone else, so it all falls to me (which I am fine with). As my children's first teacher, the skills, theory and knowledge that I developed at uni over these past years will definitely not be forgotten or go to waste, as they are certainly transferable to the home. At least for now, my official journey in the world of learning is on hiatus. However, as we all know, learning never really ends.

I am also now in my third trimester of pregnancy and due mid February. I am both excited and apprehensive about having two kids... will I ever sleep again? My first trimester of pregnancy this time round wasn't any worse than with Nicholas. However, I did find the tiredness more difficult to deal with, and food was a little bit more repulsive. I put both these factors down to having a toddler. I only got to sleep when he slept, and I had to cook food so Nicholas wouldn't go hungry. The second trimester went smoothly but rather quickly because I was on prac, and now that I am in the last trimester I feel like time is slipping away from me. Christmas is just around the corner, than it's January with all its birthdays and BBQs, and then all of a sudden it will be February and I will have two 'outside' children to deal with. will I cope?

While I have had the time, I have been trying to be a little more creative. Once a week I go to Frangipani Fabrics for a sewing session, while Nicholas spends time with his grandparents. The freedom it gives me is great, and I get to make things I would never have the time to do at home. I have a few projects on the go at the moment. Firstly, I have almost finished off Nicholas' quilt, which I started making a longgggg time ago. I only have the hand sewing to go and I intend to finish this before Christmas (hopefully) so I can give it to Nicholas as a present. I started a quilt for Daniel and I (based around this quilt), and in the next week or so will begin another quilt for baby girl. The sewing sessions are really informal and the customer service is excellent. Without the help of Briony and Anne there is no way I would be able to make my quilts. If you are in Hobart and you want to learn to quilt, this is a great option.

I was ultimately hoping that my 100th post would be a little more exciting than this, but as an introduction back into the world of blogging I think it will be satisfactory enough :).