Saturday, March 26, 2011

Blackberry Love!

I love blackberries! I love blackberry jam, blackberry and apple cordial, blackberry nip (when I'm not pregnant), blackberry roly-poly, blackberries in my morning porridge, blackberries by themselves. I would be happy to eat blackberries all year round if I could, and this is why I have spent hours picking blackberries from my parents property in the warm March sun.

We made two lots of blackberry and apple cordial this year, so as to avoid running out like we did last year. I used a recipe I found from The Cottage Smallholder. It is a lovely recipe, which is quick and easy to make, plus the cordial tastes much nicer than the shop bought stuff. I did change the recipe a little, by adding equal amounts of blackberries and apples. This way it has a stronger blackberry taste than apple. I recommend you try it. I'm not sure yet, but with the left over pulp I think I will have a go at making some blackberry and apple cheese. I'll let you know how it goes.

View from parents property while picking (photo taken from phone, so the quality is not that great).

Today, Daniel and I had the company of my parents' chickens while picking blackberries. A few of them were more adventurous then the others, going places no chicken has gone before. The others, meanwhile, just followed us in the hope that we would feed them blackberries from our bowls. It was nice to have little funny creatures keeping us company while picking :)

Blackberry roly-poly. Another easy recipe I found on the interwebs and altered a bit (from So good. Nom nom nom. Pictures are inadequate to express how tasty this was.