Friday, January 28, 2011

Apricots and Patchwork

Our apricot tree is laden with fruit. However, because of the odd weather we have been having this summer, the apricots have taken a really long time to ripen. I have spoken to a few people who also own apricot trees, and they also said that their fruit was taking a long time to ripen. Two years ago, at this same time, I remember picking the last of the fruit off the tree to give away at my 25th birthday party, but not this year. It is only in now that it is finally beginning to soften and have some taste. This means that the next few days are going to be a bit busy washing Fowler jars, picking apricots, halving and bottling them, as well as making jam and chutney. I love this time of year because of how much fresh fruit there is around.

As you can see the tree is quite heavy laden. We did prune the tree during winter, but I think we will need to do a bit more this winter because for the past few weeks I have been worried that a strong wind would come and break a few of the branches.

Also, this weekend I am starting a beginner's patchwork class at Frangipani Fabrics in Sandy Bay. I am very excited about this as I have been wanting to learn how to make patchwork quilts for a while now. I went into the shop yesterday and choose the material I would use. I was extremely impressed with the level of customer service in the shop. The women who helped me went through the pattern with me and helped me decided which fabric I would use and where I would use it in the pattern. She made the whole process a lot less overwhelming than it would have been otherwise. I am very grateful for her help. Plus, the range of fabrics in the shop is large enough that there is something for everyone's taste. With so many beautiful fabrics in the shop, choosing which fabrics I wanted to use in the quilt was a little difficult, but I am happy with the final selection (even Daniel liked the selection).

I am not personally a huge fan of snails, mainly because they are slimy and have been chewing away at our vegetables this summer but this fabric was so cute that I couldn't resist.

The class is set out over 4 lessons, 12 hours in all, and this is the pattern we will be using. I hope our little boy will like it :)

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