Saturday, February 12, 2011

Fruitful labour!

When I spend the whole week preserving fruit, making jams, chutneys and cordial I definitely know that summer is here. This is all the preserving I have achieved this week.

On Sunday my cousin gave me two full shopping bags of greengages. I have been receiving greengages from this tree for the last three years and sadly this is probably the last year because he and his wife are selling their house. As greengages are one of my favourite summertime fruits, I decided to use them wisely.

I made a greengage up-side down cake, although I didn't do the up-side down bit. well as some greengage and orange jam. I found the idea while searching the web and thought the taste sounded too interesting to pass up. I couldn't find a recipe on the net so I just made it up - greengages, orange rind and juice, lemon juice and sugar. It tasted a little bit like marmalade, just not as strong.

I also persevered some of them in bottles and those that couldn't be bottled whole were stewed and then bottled. The apricots from the tree were used in a similar way also. I bottled as many halves as I could then stewed the rest of apricots left on the tree before they turned mouldy and gross. I also made jam and chutney.

Apricot and vanilla jam - yum!

Apricot and ginger jam for Daniel (one of his favourites)

Apricot chutney

I was also able to get my hands on some mulberries and elderberries, so I made jam and cordial.

Now to find somewhere to store everything!

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