Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Boy!

There are a few blogs that I read every week. They are mainly blogs about craftiness and food (from other vegetarians), sometimes photography or maybe even books. Made by Rae is a blog I have been checking out for a while. She has a range of kids patterns (lots of them free) and tutorials. I find it a great place to learn new skills, and very interesting.

Anyway, for the next month on her blog she is "Celebrating the Boy". This is because, in sewing, boys are often forgotten. So for a whole month it will just be about boys. I'm excited about this as I am having a boy, and I had noticed recently that there is just not the same variety of boys patterns and clothes as there are girls.

I am hoping that over the next month I will find some interesting projects I can achieve before my little boy comes along. So come and celebrate the boy with me and check out Made by Rae :)

Also, this link will take you to 'celebrate the boy' archives from the previous year.

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