Thursday, April 14, 2011

Sew, Sew, Sew

The weather this week in Hobart has been dull and dreary. It has not stopped raining and the sun is no-where to be seen. After spending the morning at a friends place, I came home and started sewing. I have a sewing room but with the cold and dullness of the day I prefer to sew in the lounge room where I can listen to music, make cups of tea and be warmed by the heat pump. It feels lonely in the back room by myself.

I feel a bit overwhelmed by the amount of sewing I want to do before baby comes. Only about 5 weeks to go now. So I have stopped procrastinating and am beginning to get on with the job. As I was sewing today and even though I was already listening to music, I kept thinking of this crazy 'Sewing Machine' song by Steve Poltz. Daniel and I saw this guy a few years ago at the Republic Bar and Cafe . I think he was supporting Bob Evans. Anyway, this is the only song I remember from his set as it was unique, strange, crazy and just a tad terrifying.

I hope you enjoy Steve Poltz's song :)

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