Monday, September 26, 2011


The latest crafty craze that my friends and I have really been getting into the last few months is card making. We have been inspired by all the super pretty cards out there and by all the Stampin' Up parties we have been attending. One great thing about Stampin' Up is the huge variety of stamps they have on offer. I just want so many, but so far I only have one set of stamps. They are just so cute and I hope to use when making cards for the arrival of babies, and for birthdays.

'Fox & Friends'

This week I had a go at making a few different cards. This first was a card for a newborn. Sadly, I didn't use my stamps. Instead, I made this...

I also attended an engagement party, so I made this pink love-heart card, which I got the idea from here.

And before the above mentioned engagement party, I also attended a housewarming party. To help warm the house, I made my friend this little card.

I really enjoyed making all these cards but I especially enjoyed using the sewing machine on the last two. It has just been so long since I have sewn anything that it felt good to sit down in front of my sewing machine again and create something, even if it was only small. I just wish I had some alphabet stamps so I could have stamped out 'home sweet home' on the housewarming card. I guess I could have written it, but I don't really like my handwriting. It's just not neat enough.

Talking about friends making cards actually, here is a link to some cards that my friend Britt made. I think they are great :).


  1. I love all of your cards; especially the sewn heart one, I like the 3D effect, the different layers, colours, patterns and symmetry. Have you found a little alphabet set yet? Oh, and thanks for the mention :)

  2. I bought an alphabet set at Shelley's party on Saturday. So now I have a small one and a big one. Did you buy anything at Shelley's?

  3. I've decided that alphabet stamps are not good for not only have to try to get all your letters level, you also have to get them all straight AND evenly spaced apart - near impossible! I bought an ink pad, some more cardboard and a roller and handle, yay!