Wednesday, January 4, 2012

I Won!

Near the end of last year I entered a Christmas giveaway on Platinum Ridge's facebook page. All I had to do was like, and share their page and this put me in the running to win one of their rented cherry trees. And surprisingly, I actually won. I was/am so excited. Basically, it means that I will get to pick all the fruit off a specific tree that they allocate me in their orchid, which could bear about 10kgs of fruit.

So next weekend we will be heading out to Glaziers Bay to pick us some fruit. In anticipation of this Daniel bought me cherry corer for Christmas because taking the pips out of cherries by hand takes a super long time.

I'll be sure to take some photos of next weeks expedition to share :). Also if you have any cherry recipes that you love, I would love to hear them, as I will be inundated with cherries next weekend :).


  1. I remember making cherry jam as a kid - it was delicious. It's still one of my favourite flavours.

    (Put in more pectin - don't rely on the fruits. Solid-but-wobbly jam is so much better than liquid watery jam!)

    Also: danishes, with cherries. Glacé cherries. Cherry preserves. Cherries in chocolate cake (with homemade cherry jam in the middle.) Chocolate-coated cherries. ... :)

  2. The captcha was "cherianc" :)

  3. They were super-tasty cherries - Yum!