Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Baby doll carrier

Although my free time at the moment is a bit limited, I have been trying to keep myself busy during the rare moments of silence. In the past this time would have been filled with study, but having graduated in December this is no longer the case. Instead, for the next few weeks at least, I am going to focus on finishing all the sewing projects I have sitting in my sewing room. I am not going to buy anymore new material, or be tempted to buy more patterns off Etsy. Rather, I am going to go through the material and patterns I have and clear out my 'to do' draws. It used to only be one draw but it recently spread into another. And when I finish all that I can go back to doing some quilting, as I have one that I made ages ago, without a pattern or any idea how to make quilts, that needs finishing.

To start off this project, I made this baby doll carrier on the weekend for a little person's birthday. I bought the pattern back in Feb with the intention of making and finishing it for Nicholas before Beth arrived, but as always, this didn't happen. As you can see from the photos Nicholas just loved carrying around the teddy in the carrier, so hopefully in the next few days I will finish Nicholas' carrier off and a few more I have on the go for other people.

In the next day or so I will take stock of all the projects I have to start/finish and will write a list here. Do you have projects that need doing? Maybe you could join me :).

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