Monday, March 18, 2013

A new addition :)

Since my mammoth month of posting in December I have been a bit lazy. This laziness arose from hot weather, a long list of things I needed to finish before the baby arrived, and being heavily pregnant. I certainly found those last few months of pregnancy quite difficult. It didn't help that this summer was unusually warm which meant Nicholas and I spent many a day inside, under the air-con, trying to keep cool. Plus, not being able to sleep at night didn't help with my energy levels. It is usually after you have the baby that people offer to help out but it was during that last week of pregnancy when I felt I needed the most help. At the end I was begging Daniel to stay home because I just wasn't coping and I needed help just to make it through the day.

Here is the last pregnancy photo taken of me at 39 weeks.

Despite the sleep deprivation that comes hand-in-hand with having a newborn, I have a lot more energy now that I am not pregnant. I can even last the whole day without having a rest. Although, if I can sneak one in, I'll take it.

Life with two children is busy. There are more nappies to change, more mouths to feed, more washing to do and more cleaning, but I love it because there is also double to joy, double the laughter and double the hugs. Life feels more complete with two, although I don't feel like our family is finished just yet.

Here is our new addition, Elizabeth Anne. Isn't she just lovely! Nicholas thinks very highly of her and can be very gentle and loving, giving her lots of kisses and hugs. Although, I do think the transition from only child has been a bit difficult for him at times (I'll discuss this more later).

Elizabeth only an hour or so old
First family photo
A month old

I will try to post more often from now on, and get back into this blogging thing...again :).

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