Saturday, May 4, 2013

It's going to be a warm winter!

This winter will be a cosy winter for both Nicholas and Beth alike, especially when they wear these lovely soft hoodies I made them.

That's two more garments to cross off on my to-do-list :).

  • Rain coat
  • A hooded jumper for both Nicholas and Beth (have pattern and material)
  • A hat for Nicholas (have pattern and material)
  • Two long sleeve shirts for me (have pattern and material)
  • Two dresses for me (have pattern and material)
  • A shirt for me (have pattern and material), and I bought some nursing shirt patterns which I would like to make up (need to buy material)
  • A winter skirt for me (have material, need to find a pattern)
  • A pillow for Nicholas (have material and pattern)
  • Finish the very first quilt I attempted (have the quilt top but need to buy the rest).
And I'm going to add a more things to the list:
  • Curtains for the lounge room (I have material for them)
  • Finish off the binding on the quilt I made for Daniel and I, and make some matching pillows with the left over material. 

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