Friday, May 20, 2011

Nicholas Reinder

After 8 1/2 months of waiting, our little boy Nicholas Reinder Hugo, was born into this world on 13th May 2011. It was a cold Tassie day and throughout the labour I could hear the wind and the rain smashing against the windows. It's one of those days where you would be glad if you had the opportunity to stay inside the entire day, where it is warm and dry, without having to step outside into the storm. However, if I had the choose between staying inside giving birth again or standing outside in the rain and wind without a raincoat or umbrella, I would probably choose the latter as it would be less hard work.

Don't worry this post isn't going to go into 'TMI'. All I'm going to say is that giving birth was hard work but the beautiful gift you receive when that work is complete, as well as all the feelings of love are just indescribable. The moment I saw baby Nicholas I was in awe of him, and all the feelings of pain just disappeared.

It took Daniel and I a long time to decide on a name for this child. We weren't even sure when he was born, and that was one of the first things the doctor and midwife asked us. In the end we choose two names that held a lot of significance for us. Nicholas was Daniel's brother's middle name and means 'victory of the people'. Reinder is my Dad's name, and isn't to be confused with reindeer. After Nicholas was born I also found out that the female Dutch version of the name Nicholas is Klasina, which was my Oma's name. It's nice that his name has so many links to both sides of his family.

Here is a photo that Daniel's Dad took of Nicholas, only 29 hours old.

I'm not sure why but when I saw these photos I was reminded of this Seseame Street song 'two little dolls' from when I was a kid. It might be the 'two sleepy heads' part of the song :)

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