Friday, December 2, 2011

Oh no, I've forgotten how to sew!

Today I set my sewing machine up for the first time in ages. I threaded it up and then started sewing the pockets for my advent calendar. However, it wasn't working properly. I looked around the sewing machine, puzzled as to what the problem was, but unable to find anything specifically wrong. I tried it again, and again the thread knotted up. Eventually, I worked out that I had not threaded the machine properly. This had never happened before. What had I forgotten?

Basically, I had forgotten how to sew. It had been such a long time since I last used the sewing machine that I couldn't even remember how to set up the sewing machine properly. How dismal is that! But don't worry, with a peek at the instruction manual and some practice on a scrap piece of material, it all came back to me. And this was the finished product (well almost). At the moment it is being stuck to the wall with blue tack as I didn't have any wadding to finish the back, which means that all the pockets (if you look closely) are being held on with pins. I hope to finish it properly for next year :).

This advent calendar has taken me a while to do actually. I started it last year after being inspired by this advent calendar. I know mine is very similar, but it differs in that I wanted it to be more Christian orientated. I am really happy with how it has turned out and hope that next year I will be able to hang it on the wall rather than stick it up with blue tack :).

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  1. I love your advent calendar. It will be a family heirloom.