Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Z is for Ze End :)

I surprisingly made it to the end of the 'amonthof'. I almost wrote everyday. Some days have been catch ups, but still, everyday is accounted for. I have enjoyed this challenge, although I did find the letters at the beginning of the alphabet a lot easier to blog about than the last few at the end. I also found I was a little more enthusiastic at the beginning.

Completing this whole month makes me think about other challenges I could undertake later in the year. A crafty challenge, a music challenge, a fitness challenge... there are so many options. I'm sure I could find something around the internet to take up, or I could make up something myself. For now though, I might take a little rest and just post about the things that have been happening in life. For instance, I have been working a lot on my next two quilts recently (and taking a few unfocused photos), so I will post these in the next few days.

I'm glad I made it to Ze End :).

End of Ze World

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