Friday, June 3, 2011

Finger Puppets

Over the past few months I have been getting into making accessories for children. So far I have tried my hand at rattles, bibs, beanies and nappies (not really an accessory, more a necessity). All of which I have been meaning to blog about for a while now.

One thing I have been looking forward to with having kids is doing crafty things with them when they are big enough. Obviously, Nicholas is still a bit young at the moment to be making things himself, but this isn't' going to stop me making things for him.

The first thing I am going to make for him are some finger puppets. I found this lovely PDF pattern for animal finger puppets from Etsy store Hello Clementime. The pattern is easy to follow and all the animals look so simple to make and yet they have so much character. I choose this pattern over others on Etsy because there was a limited amount of sewing to do (most of it is glued together). At the moment between feeds, cleaning, washing and all those other boring household jobs that need to be done, I don't have a heap of time to sit down and sew (hopefully this will change in the future). Plus, because there is limited sewing needed, it means Daniel can also join in and help make them. Aren't the finger puppets cute!

I actually want to Daniel to make some finger puppets of his own, by drawing little people with fabric pens on calico. I will post these when they are done.

I really look forward to being crafty with my children. It will be fun :)

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