Monday, June 27, 2011

Birthday party

Since the birth of Nicholas, my sewing machine has been in hibernation, taking a break after sewing so many cloth nappies (a future post I need to make), but this weekend saw its reappearance in the sewing room. After not sewing for so long, it felt good sitting behind my machine and creating again, plus it reminded me that the light needs replacing, which I totally forgot about.

What did I make, you ask? Attending a birthday for a 2 and 4 year old, I asked myself that same question. For the 2 year old I bought a bright yellow watering can, with some seeds and decorated a headband (which I forgot to take photos of) with material yoyos. These are easy to make, even with limited arm movement when feeding a baby, and make lovely accessories.

Here is a tutorial on how to make the above yoyos BROV: Bring your own vegetables. Super easy!

When I saw this material in the shop last week, I immediately thought of the said four year old (a girl) and knew I had to make something for her from this material.

Now it took me a while to decide but based on the fact that this little girl loves dressing up, I ended up going for an apron. Tracing, cutting out and sewing it was easy as I copied an apron I had lying around at home. It was a good first project after taking such a long break. I was quite happy with the final product, even though it ended up being quite large on her.

This was also Nicholas' first birthday party, and even if he did sleep through some of it, I think he had a great time with his friends :)


  1. Absolutely love the aprons! Yo yos have been on my list of things to try, they're so darn cute.

  2. The girls love their gifts, thanks Clarey. Home-made by clever creatives like you are the best! Nicholas will be passing-the-parcel and going home with a lolly-bag all too soon!