Tuesday, June 14, 2011


It is that time of year again in the south of Australia, where it is time to think about the upcoming spring and summer, even though winter has just started. It is time to plant your fruit trees! Daniel and I stepped into dangerous territory yesterday when we walked into the nursery. We knew we wanted a few trees but coming out with four seems a little excessive, especially considering we don't have a huge backyard.

In the last few years we have planted a few trees in the garden - plums, citrus, apples, pears and a cherry. There was already an established apricot tree when we got here (a definite bonus when buying the place), but not knowing how old it is, we decided it was time to also start a new one. So yesterday we left the nursery with an apricot, nectarine, peach, and quince tree. We also have a mulberry on order, and I am seriously thinking of getting some olives, some raspberry canes and some more currents. I would also love another plum, but am not sure where we would fit it, especially because we already have to move things around in the garden in order to fit these trees in.

I consider these trees as an investment to our future. Not only because in a few years we will save money on fruit, but also because fresh fruit from your own trees is far more tasty than the shop bought stuff. It just doesn't compare. I look forward to the future of our fruit trees :)

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