Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Uni is now finished for another year. Woot! I studied hard and powered though my exam. I feel pretty good about it actually. I filled in every question, and answered all my questions coherently. I will definitely pass. I have no doubts.

I was nervous though. It had been years since I had done an exam, and as we were driving in the car to the exam I was starting to feel the nervousness take over. Then I remembered my little exam tradition that I used to do in my first degree. In the morning, before the exam, I would listen to Van Morrison's Days Like This. Thankfully, technology allowed me to look it up, on my phone, in the car and listen to it. I don't need to listen to it on a CD player before I leave for the exam anymore! Anyway, as soon as I listened to the song, I felt my whole body relax and I was ready to tackle the exam. It was such an odd feeling. I didn't realise I had such an association with the song. I had listened to it before I took my exams in my first degree, but since then I had only heard the song a few times. I guess the song is just a good reminder to me, that this is just an exam. In the scheme of things it is probably not that significant. Plus, I am not the only one sitting the exam either. The whole activities centre was packed with people sitting the exams, and we are all nervous. So at least I'm not alone in those feelings. I think it is just a nice upbeat song to listen to before an exam :)

Do you have any exam traditions?

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  1. I am nearly 4 months behind on your blogs :( You have been busy blogging! That's awesome that you have a nerve-calming song!