Sunday, October 2, 2011


On Sunday Nicholas, Daniel and I woke up early (even earlier than usual because of day-light savings starting), and headed down south to Abel's Bay to visit some friends. The south of Tasmania is just so lovely and pretty in Spring. The hills are vibrant green, the sky cloudless and blue, and the view spectacular.

Driving away from town and into the quiet like this always brings out in me a desire to live the simple life in the bush. I get this urge every time I travel into the bush. When we visit my parents in Kaoota, or my friend's mum in Cygnet. It is the peacefulness, I think. Not being able to see into your neighbour's backyard, being able to walk around in your house without anyone walking past and looking into your windows. Having the freedom to turn up the music, and dance around in your lounge room like a crazy person without disturbing the neighbours. I want space.

When I was a kid, I lived in a small mining town in Western Australia called Kambalda. Kambalda wasn't huge. Only about 3000 people. It was a great place for a kid to grow up. There was bush all around us and we spent a lot of time in it, walking and riding everywhere. We had so much freedom. Room to move. I miss that. We don't live in the city. It isn't extremely busy where we do live, and we don't live so close to our neighbours that we can reach out of our window and almost touch their house but I still miss having that space to move about it. To be able to cross the road and get away from it all.

We do have bush behind our house, which was definitely a selling point, but give it time and there will be a new houses being built there as well. So much of the land that used to have cows and sheep on it around here, now has houses. Houses that all look the same. That have no character. The suburbs!

Living in the suburbs makes me desperate sometimes for space, which is why when we go out of Hobart I always dream of a better life. A more simple one. But then reality hits. If we moved further out we would have to have two cars (we have survived with one for so long now, I'm keen not to get another one for a while yet), which means more fuel and more money spent on fuel, more time spent traveling and less time spent seeing each other. I would probably also see my friends and family less.

I think that for now I need to be content though with where we are though. I do like our little house and where we live. It is convenient and close to my family and friends. At this point I don't want to be anywhere else. But a girl can dream, can't she. :)

Back to our day out together - it was great. So nice and relaxing. We even had time to go op-shopping. I bought some jars, a bottle of olive oil at a market, some material and bibs. I actually found some gray polar fleece which I am excited about because I am going to use it to make a hoodie for christmas. I'm sure he will love it :) And of course, I bought this off Etsy :)


  1. That hoodie reminds me of mine, I can match Nicholas! Sounds like a nice day spent down the channel. I know what you mean about space, but hey, just ask our neighbours, they think you can live in the 'burbs and still have "the freedom to turn up the music"!! ;)

  2. I'll make sure I message you before I come over to tell you Nicholas is wearing his hoodie, so you'll have time to get changed :)

    Poor you with your neighbours. They sound terrible. You should move across the road from us. There are two houses for sale. It's on a quiet street with lovely water views :)