Sunday, April 1, 2012

Soccer: Round 1

I have been training, but I still feel unfit. I lasted 85mins in a 90min game, but I was tired and could barely run. To be honest I could barely breathe. I need to get fitter!

If you haven't guessed it soccer season has started again and I decided to give it a go this year after taking last year off. I am enjoying kicking the ball around again, getting out of the house and being by myself for a while but I am unfit and rather slow. The girls we played against today were fast. I was constantly having the ball taken away from me. I felt weak and useless. Hopefully, with a bit more training and a few more games I will feel a bit stronger.

In the end we lost against Kingborough 6-1. I am ok with this. As a team we haven't been training for long. Plus, it can take a while for a team to find its groove, especially when we have new players and old ones coming back after taking time off. We worked hard but their shooting skills were impressive. Cassie (our goal keeper) just didn't have a chance to get to the ball in some of them. In top left and right corners, right out of reach. I'm sure not even a pro would be able to catch those! We did score one goal though and that boosted everybody's mood. Maybe we'll get two next game :).

As I look forward at the season ahead, I have a feeling it is going to be a difficult season with a few losses. This is the nature of moving up a league. The girls are more skilled. It is faster and a lot more competitive, but we will get there. As a team we work hard and that will be a real strength for us.
I'm looking forward to the rest of the season, which will hopefully be injury free for all involved :).

Here is a little picture of Nicholas during the first soccer game.  It was such a beautiful sunny day.

This is the caption Daniel used on facebook to accompany the picture: Watching mum play soccer is nail biting stuff.

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