Sunday, April 22, 2012

Soccer: Round 4

It feels like weeks since our last round of soccer. We started with our first game and then nothing. Round 2 was moved to May because it was during the Easter long-weekend, and then because of the uneven amount of teams Round 3 for us was a Bye. This means Round 4 is actually only our second game, and even though we lost, we did score our first goal. Woot! In the end the score was 3-1.

It certainly wasn't a bad game this weekend against Olympia Blue, and I would definitely say that our skill level was quite evenly matched. Sadly a few easy goals got in, including a penalty in the box and it quickly put us behind.

The game was played at a pretty quick pace, with lots of good passing and lots of shots on goal. From what I saw at the back of the field, in right full-back position, we had majority of possession most of the game, we just had trouble getting the ball into the back of the net. The one goal we did get though was great. Emily ran it down the middle of the field, then passed it off to Hannah on the left, who kicked it and scored. It was well executed and well timed. Just what we needed after 80mins of play and no goal. Earlier in the game we missed out on a header, from a beautiful corner kick that hit the top of the goal bar and bounced off. It just wasn't our day to score goals. Despite the lack of goals, I still think we played really well as a team, and will continue to improve as the season continues.

I actually played in a right-full back position this week. A position I haven't played in for a long time, but I really enjoyed it. I remember when I first started playing soccer, all those years ago, I was placed in this position and told to just man-mark. It took me back a few years. I just hope that my skills have improved since then. My main struggle though is with my speed. I am just so slow. I struggle to keep up with players and get the ball once they are on the run. Also, since having Nicholas I feel somewhat fragile. A feeling I've never had before. I'm somewhat scared to go in and tackle. I really don't want to get injured. If I injure myself I can't look Nicholas properly and so maybe I am a bit reluctant to play 100%. At least I am aware of it, and I hope that I can overcome it.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to next week's game. It will be out first home game. I'll try and get Daniel to take some pictures as well :).

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