Friday, July 1, 2011

Geninne's Art Blog

I have been reading Geninne's Art Blog on a regular basis for a while now. So long in fact that I don't even remember how I found the blog originally. It is one of my favourite blogs and lives in a bookmarked folder called 'blags', categorised under 'favourites'.

Geninne loves birds, which is something you will quickly notice as you start scrolling through her blog. She is a fantastic artist -drawing, painting, carving, you name it- and I love watching how she creates. I find it especially fascinating because I am terrible at drawing (I am not exaggerating here), and so I love watching her creations come to life. In fact, I have two of her creations hanging on my lounge room walls - thanks Etsy and Geninne :).

Also, every month she creates a new desktop calendar that you can download for free. I always look forward to the start of the month :)

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