Saturday, July 23, 2011


This year for Daniel's birthday, I bought him a few little gifts. One great gift I found was a cookbook called The SuperJam Cookbook. Not only is the design very funky but the recipes are unique and sound delicious. For instance, Daniel really likes the sound of the kiwi fruit, lime and ginger jam, and I'm keen to try the plum and elderberry jam. Sadly though, I probably wouldn't eat a lot of it. I thoroughly enjoy making jam but I just don't seem to eat it that much. Daniel, on the other hand, loves eating jam which is why I bought him the cookbook. Maybe this will inspire him this coming summer to do some preserving in the the kitchen.

I also bought him a few CDs. The first was The Black Keys 'Brothers'. In particular, I really enjoy the song and the video clip isn't too bad either.

I also bought him a Fleet Foxes CD, all based on the song on how much I enjoyed this song.

And here is a great cover version of it.

While on links to music, I also really like this song by TV On The Radio.

Happy birthday Daniel. Thanks for being such an awesome husband, father and friend :).

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