Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Mess or work in progress?

Our yard, to an untrained eye, is an untamed and unkept mess. The lawn is often unmowed and the weeds are taking over. To us however, it is a work in progress and looks unkept because it is far from finished. In terms of the time it takes to establish a working garden (especially with so many other things to do in life), we haven't really been in this garden for long. Even so, during our time at this house we have planted 12 fruit trees as well as various berries, currents and passionfruit plants. We have also built numerous garden beds, have a few little chickens and a wooden picnic table which is lovely to sit and eat lunch at on warm sunny days. I don't think we are doing so badly, but there is still so much to do before spring!

A few of these things include:
-Plant all the fruit trees (some at parent's place)
-Build a raspberry patch
-Install two water drip systems: one for the trees and the other for the garden beds, as I don't have time to stand in the garden watering everything everyday.
-Build a small greenhouse
-Get the garden beds ready
-Be organised when it comes to planting vegetable seeds
-Get a new letterbox

This weekend Daniel spent the weekend in the garden getting rid of unwanted bushes and trees, making room for more fruit trees, as well as clearing the drive way area. He worked so hard, he didn't really have time to relax before he had to go back to work on Monday. I was really keen help Daniel in the garden, but sadly because of one very hungry little Hugo feeding every 2-2 1/2 hours and not sleeping much, this was not possible. The best thing about cleaning up the backyard is that we were able to get rid of all the greenwaste straight away because we borrowed my Dad's 'super truck'. Imagine trying to fit all that greenwaste you see in the picture in our Mazda 121!

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  1. Go the super-truck, hehe! And hooray for fruit trees, veggie patches and raspberries, yum. Sorry you didn't get to get amongst it, Clarey (or maybe Nicholas was just a convenient excuse...)