Saturday, July 9, 2011

A buggy birthday party!

I enjoy gardening and being outside, but I am not a big fan of bugs, especially worms. I know that they are great for a garden and it's not that I am scared of them or anything, I just don't like how squishy and squirmy they are.

My sister had a birthday party for her 2-year-old today, and can you guess the theme...bugs! I was reminded of my aversion to worms when I dug into (he he) her homemade dirt cup - a cup of mousse (soil) with muffin crumbs (dirt) and worms on top, and worms at the bottom, which were all squishy, slimy and soft. Even though it was just a dessert it kind of freaked me out.

Anyway, here are some photos from the party.

Buzzing bee Nicholas and Lady Bug Clare

Spider Ryan and his birthday cake

The fantastic cake that Emily made. She is so talented.

And three cute bugs: two little bees and a big spider :)


  1. Super-cute!!! They all look so gorgeous : )And WOW, go Emily, love the cake, so clever! Happy Birthday Ryan!

  2. I kinda thought the spider cake looked really similar to you lady bug cake - just a different bug :) Emily left the boot here. I ate all the licorice and was going to eat some of the cake but while Daniel was filling up the baby bath he splashed water all over eat. Not so keen now :)