Monday, December 3, 2012

C is for Clare

Today I'm going to be a bit more self-absorbed than usual and focus on all the Clare's I know.

First off there is me. I have had the name Clare my whole life. As a kid I didn't like my name. I wanted to change it to something else. I'm not sure why exactly, but over time I got used to it and actually quite like it now.  Some variations of the name that I have over the years include: Clarey (most current), Clare Bear (very obvious), CB (short for Clare Bear), Clareabelle, Chocolate de Clare and Clairol (like the shampoo).

A little photo of Nicholas and I (it's difficult to find a photo of myself without Nicholas in it).

The meaning of Clare is bright and clear and is from Latin origin. I'm not sure I am either of these things but the name has a nice meaning anyway.
[Saint Clare of Assisi]
When I was a teenager and used to whinge about things, my Mum and sister's would join in a chorus of saying 'poor Clare' three times. I think they did this just to lighten the mood and remind me that things probably weren't as bad as I thought. A few years ago I found out that there was a Saint Clare of Assisi who founded, along with Francis of Assisi, the Order of the Poor Ladies or the Poor Clares in 1212. From what I have read these types of nuns live a very solemn and isolated existence from the world (or they did at least back in the 13th century). They take a vow of poverty and stick to it. I'm not sure I would have the inner strength to be able to live a life like that to be honest. I like having my little comforts. I just find it interesting, that having heard nothing of the Order of Clare my Mum used to say 'Poor Clare' to me when I was younger.

A Clare I admire for her talent and her passion is Clare Bowditch. I have enjoyed her music since the beginning and have seen her play live many times. The first time was a smallish gig at the Republic Bar and Cafe many years ago when this song was super popular.

I even found this photo of her from that gig on my computer, from all the way back in 2005.

I'm not sure I know many other well known Clares. I can say though that all the Clares I have met throughout my years, whether spelt Clare, Clair, or Claire have all been lovely. It must just be that those with the name Clare are just innately awesome :).

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