Sunday, December 23, 2012

W is for Tom Waits and The White Stripes

This is the first Tom Waits song I ever heard. I driving to Margate at the time and I was just taken by Tom Waits' deep gravely and yet compelling voice, his passion and the darkness of the song. I was just left with an overpowering feeling of needing to listen to more of his work.

Often not a lot of big bands make their way to Tassie when touring around Australia. There is definitely a market for it and the bands would certainly get an audience but sadly we still miss out. Many years ago though, The White Stripe came to Tassie and Daniel bought us tickets. We got to the gig early and stood up the front, often holding onto the bars, so as not to be dragged back into the crowd. It was an amazing night. So much energy and passion. I certainly wouldn't have the energy to stand for hours at a gig anymore.

Seven Nation Army:

And a cool version of it done by C. W. Stoneking.

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