Thursday, December 6, 2012

F is for Finger Painting

I made finger paint for the first time yesterday. I used this original fingerprint recipe, but instead of making it on the stove, I made it in the Thermomix. I was impressed by how smooth it turned out, something I don't think I could have achieved without the Thermomix's help.

Nicholas was a little apprehensive about touching the finger paint. He seems to not like getting his hands dirty. When he does he complains about it and either brings his hands to you to be wiped or wipes them on his clothes (bad habitats start early). So I wasn't surprised when he asked me to wipe it off almost right away. Lucky I had some random paint brushes in the cupboard. He found it much more enjoyable once he had the paint brushes to use instead.

Here are a few photos of Nicholas painting.

And this is his masterpiece. I stuck it on the wall near the front door for all the see :).

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