Tuesday, December 4, 2012

D is for Doe doe

My 18 month old is very good at saying words that begin with the letter D.

Here are some of his 'd' words and their meanings.

"daDAH" - his effort at saying "ta-daa!", which he uses to mean "hello", or "look at me!"
"Door" - noun: door, window, drawer, cupboard, lid, aperture, outside. verb: open/shut, go out
"Doe doe" - a machine, vehicle
"Doe doe!" (high pitch) - probably onomatopoeic for 'toot toot' or 'beep beep'
"Dig dig" - big machine, excavator, etc
"Do' do'" - dog dog
"Duh" - Duck
"Dziz" - the noise a fly or a bee makes

In particular his favourite words at the moment are Doe doe (any type of machine) and Dig dig. Whenever we are out driving or walking around these are the two words I hear the most. Here are two photos of Nicholas. In the first he is contemplating life as a fireman and in the second he is enjoying watching some earthworks at the local shopping centre (dig dig).

 Maybe he will take over his Granpa's business one day and own his own earth-moving company.

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