Friday, December 21, 2012

U is for Unfinished

With only a few days left till Christmas I still have a heap of things that may go left unfinished. Sadly, Nicholas' quilt will be left unfinished (for now). No matter how fast I try to hand embroider the trees and birds and leaves, I am just not fast enough to get it done before Christmas. I honestly didn't think it would be so time consuming. I will definitely be giving it to him for Christmas, and every now and then will just take it back to do a bit more work on it. Eventually, it will be competently day :).

As well as that, I have two other gifts for Nicholas that are not quite finished yet (when I do finish them I will post photos). And then there is the present for mine and Daniel's parents that are also only half done. Arrrgghhh! I really need to learn some time management skills, and also not to put so much pressure on myself to do so many things at once.

I also just feel like the weeks are slipping by too quickly before number 2 arrives, and with that my freedom. As Nicholas has grown and now sleeps ok most days I have been able to start some little projects again, but when number 2 arrives all that will be taken away. Life will be filled up with feedings, cleaning, washing, and more house work. This change of life is starting to make me feel a bit uneasy. I am excited and yet apprehensive. I have to accept that the things I don't finish before I have baby girl probably won't be finished for a while because life will just be far too busy. Ultimately, I know that these sacrifices are worth it but it's often difficult to see it at the time.

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